"I instinctively knew that Moira was the person I needed to help me with understanding more about business.

I love her straight talking. And boy, did I need it! Glad to say, my instincts were right. After booking her coaching things instantly started to make more sense to me.

She’s helped me focus on my weaknesses, taught me so much about social media, branding, business and marketing, and given me confidence in my own ability. I’ve learnt so much invaluable information to help me move forward with my fledgling business.

After 2 days coaching I received my FIRST online order!

I can’t thank you enough Moira x"

Gaynor Riley

"I had 1:1 coaching with Moira because I immediately felt she understood me. Moira’s straight forward approach was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel for me.

After my first 1:1 I realised every word she had said about my company made complete sense. I became optimistic that this would turn my working life around. We discussed a business strategy. My online sales improved immediately – I was astonished how small changes brought such immediate results.

Thank you Moira, I am so glad you came in to my
life and helped me reshape my business. I now feel energised and excited about the next five years of my career."

Rachel Mullett

"I have found Moira’s approach to my understanding and needs for the growth of my company outstanding.

The business marketing strategy plan has been so beneficial for my focus as to how
to run a business properly and profitable.

Moira made sure that I fully understand what, how and why I have to create and follow the plan. Plus she also worked at my pace.

I can’t recommend Moira enough. You sure get your monies worth."


"I Just wanted to thank you Moira for my 8 weeks 1:1 coaching … I have learned so much , gained so much confidence and it was so much value … I now need to put everything into practice. Thank you once again."

Mandy Vaccarezza

"I have gained so much from my 1-1 business coaching course with Moira. I was passionate about my new business but I needed direction.

Moira pointed out that I was offering so many varied services that instead of attracting customers, I was actually confusing them so first and foremost I needed to find my niche in my home styling business. Once this was decided on, Moira showed me ways to promote my business to find my ideal client. We then worked together to form a business plan and strategy.

We also looked at the ways I was using Social Media to attract my ideal client and as a result, rather than posting when I gelt I had time, I am now more consistent and also use both recorded and live videos a lot more. I now feel that prospective clients are getting to know me and therefore like and trust me which is so important in business. If like me, you know you have a great idea but need guidance, I would highly recommend taking a business coaching session with Moira"

Angela Horky

"Thank you so much Moira for the 1:1 coaching.

I feel I can take control of my business and push it forward with more confidence.

It has been a pleasure working with you!"

Christine Prosser

"I invested in coaching with Moira as I needed to develop a plan to create an effective launch for my new natural, vegan skincare range. Launching a business at this time is so different to when I launched a business 20 years ago.

I knew very little of the modern day marketing strategies using social media. The sessions were challenging and Moira helped me to develop a strategy, niche my brand and identify my ideal client so that I could target my social media posts.

It was a steep learning curve but with Moira’s encouragement I had a successful launch even managing to get an International order in the first week!

I found Moira’s wealth of knowledge very inspiring and I would recommend anyone who is planning
to start a business to invest in Moira’s business coaching."

Donna Hart

"I did Moira’s strategy workshop and it blew me away!

I have my service but was unsure how to get it out there and how best to get myself in front of women to help them. how to make it a successful business!

I do not have a disciplined business mind and this workshop showed me how simple it really is hard work I’m not afraid of if I know what I’m doing and this was pure gold.

Thank you Moira, I highly recommend you and am excited to learn more from you in the future. what a brilliant mind you have"

Emma Dunn Beeching

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